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Easy DIY Wedding Invitations we love (from Pinterest)

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When it comes to planning your wedding, who doesn’t love Pinterest.  It’s just bursting with beautiful images and ideas.  But when it comes to DIY wedding Invitations, where do you start?  You may LOVE the idea of being creative and making your own wedding invitations but might be put off by the amount of time it could take.  You might even think that you don’t have the skills you need to achieve a professional looking result.

So we’ve decided to give you little helping hand.  We’ve trawled through Pinterest to find some fabulous DIY wedding Invitations that can be made easily by even the most amateur crafter.  Here’s our top ten (and some tips on how you can achieve a professional result).


Make Rustic Kraft and Laser Cut Invitation with Tag DIY laser cut invitation. Make your own laser cut wedding invitation with personalised tag

It’s always nice to see a design you love feature on Pinterest.  So when we ran our search and this design came out as one of the first DIY wedding invitations featured, we just had to use it!  It’s simple and effective and  you need very little skill to make it look fabulous.
Using Blank Laser Cut Invitations is a great way to achieve a professional looking result with the minimum amount of effort.  There’s no need to purchase any expensive machinery or software…..just design, print, stick and go!
You can see the Design Guide for making this invitation here.
Our top tip for achieving fabulous results when making this invitation is to make sure that you cut the tags straight.  Winging it with a scissors is a sure way to trash all the hard work you’ve put in.

DIY wedding invitations. Vintage style wedding invitation to make at home. 1920s style invite. Gatsby Invitation. DIY wedding ideas.

If you’re looking for ultimate luxury, this DIY wedding invitation is definitely one for you!  This one is a little more fiddly than some of the others we’ve selected but I’m sure you will agree that the trade off is well worth it!  The main part of this design uses a blank Laser Cut Wedding Invitation.  You can see a full design guide for this wedding invitation here.  Our top tip for recreating this fabulous design is:
When you’re layering your panels, make sure that all the borders are even.  Wonky layering is a sure way to spoil the professional look.


How to make wedding invitations at home. DIY wedding invites with watercolour. Turquoise wedding invitations

We love this Water Colour wedding invitation.  And thanks to Something Turquoise, you can learn how to make your own watercolour invitations and coordinating wedding stationery by following their tutorial here.
This one is a bit messy but what a great way to personalise your wedding day?  Our top tips for this achieving beautiful results with this design:
Make sure you choose the right paper (Imagine DIY’s Handmade Paper would be awesome)


How to make wedding invitations. DIY wedding blog. Make wedding invitations with crystal decorations. Imagine DIY. Wedding craft supplies

Here’s a fabulous DIY wedding invitation to inspire you!  We’re really sad that we couldn’t find a source to credit for this fantastic design.  We love the combination of wide ribbon with layered card and crystal embellishment.  However, we’re really happy that we can give you our top tip for re-creating this fabulous invitation at home:
Use Self Adhesive Crystals to create a fabulous cluster effect.  The self adhesive Constellation Crystal Cluster stickers from Imagine DIY would be perfect for this.

Elegant wedding invitation with crystal and pearl embellishment. DIY wedding invitations

This lovely DIY wedding invitation is really special.  The embossed paper and beautiful pearl and crystal embellishment add a real touch of luxury.  There’s a full design guide available to help you make this invitation at home.  Our top tip for creating this look at home is:
Use the right glues.  This invitation uses a hot melt glue gun (for the embellishment), mini mounting pads (to create a 3d effect) and double sided tape to stick the layers together.


How to make your own wedding invitations. Easy DIY wedding invites. Invitations to make yourself. DIY wedding stationery with bows.

These fabulous invitations caught our eye immediately.  But if you look closely, you will see that the wow factor is all in the fabulous ribbons that have been chosen.  2 of these wedding invitations don’t even have a bow (just a carefully tied knot).  So regardless of how crafty you are, you can make your wedding invitations this beautiful just by choosing the right materials.

We’ve got 2 top tips for re-creating this gorgeous look:
1 – Make sure you choose the right fonts for your wedding invitations.  A good font can make all the difference.  There are lots of websites that offer free font downloads.  Here’s a few to get you started:
1001 Free Fonts
2 – Choose a beautiful ribbon.  There is a lovely selection available here:  Gorgeous Ribbons

DIY wedding invitation with pearl buckle. Sage Green and Rose Gold wedding ideas. DIY wedding stationery supplies. How to make your own wedding invitation. Imagine DIY. DIY wedding stationery

Here’s another DIY wedding invitation that’s really easy to make yourself.  We love the added touch of glitter card in the background to create a sense of simple glamour.  There’s no need for a top tip on this one because if you check out the design guide, there’s a neat little video that will give you everything you need.  Again, I suppose we should say that font is key, so make sure you spend a little time choosing the right fonts.


DIY wedding invitation with wax seal and vellum. How to make your own wedding invitations. Easy DIY wedding invites. Make your own invitation with wax seal

We instantly fell in love with these easy DIY wedding invitations.  They are chic, simple and elegant.  All you need is some beautiful card, vellum paper and a lovely wax seal.  We’ve tried out a few different wax seals recently and we’ve found that using a hot melt glue gun and wax sticks work the best and give you the most control.  If you search Amazon, you will find some lovely wax stamps to choose from and some awesome glue gun sealing wax sticks.  Again, we have top tip to help you re-create this style of Wedding Invitation yourself:
Again, font is key!!!  On a simple wedding invitation like this, choosing the wrong font can completely wreck the look.  So take some time to choose the right font and layout before you print.  There are some awesome website where you can download fonts for free.  Here are a few
1001 Free Fonts


make your own wedding invitations. DIY wedding invitations with lace. Ideas to design your own invites. Rustic wedding ideas.

This simple idea is definitely one that’s easy to recreate at home.  It’s got a rustic charm that really draws the eye.  But if you want to make your own wedding invitations and rustic isn’t your thing; just by changing the colour of the card and replacing the string for ribbon, you could create a completely different look and feel.  This is a low cost invitation to make but it packs a big punch.  One of the advantages of this style is that you can add in as many additional sheets as you need without adding on too much expense.  In the image, you can see how the RSVP has been added in at the front.  So additional guest information could also be added behind the invitation card.  This style of wedding invitation is all about layering.
We’ve got got some great tips to help you make your wedding invitations look as good as this:
1 – Make sure your layers are even.  There should be an even border around printed sheets and the backing card……..if you are off centre, wonky or uneven, you will completely wreck the overall appearance.
2 – Make sure you choose a good font and pretty lace.


How to make your own wedding invitations. DIY pocketfold invitation. Invitations to make yourself. Pocket invitation in gold and ivory.

Finally, lets go out with a bang!  Pocketfolds are a fabulous way of presenting your wedding invitations.  They are also really easy to DIY.  Unless you have endless amounts of time and patience, we really recommend purchasing a pre-made Pocket Invitation.  With a pre-made pocket, you can just concentrate on making your wedding invitations look really pretty.  As you can see from this design, it’s all about layering.  To achieve a professional looking result when making pocket invitations:
Make sure you pay attention to your layering.  All the borders should be equal at the top, bottom and sides.  Make sure you measure and cut to the right size to give you even borders.  Also, make sure that all layers are stuck on evenly (a wonky layer will completely destroy the overall look).

So now you have a few ideas, what are you waiting for?  Adding your own DIY touch to your wedding can be so rewarding!
If you need even more inspiration, why not check out our fabulous design gallery where you will find loads of design guides and even video tutorials to help you on your way.