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Extravaganza Invitation with Glitter

DIY laser cut wedding invitation with glitter. Make your own wedding invitations. Navy laser cut invitation with pink glitter.

Extravaganza with Glitter Wedding Invitations – Make Yourself  from just £1.95*

For Each Invitation You Will Need:

1 Extravaganza Laser Cut Invitation in Navy
1 x Pink Glitter Pre-cut Paper Panel (14.8cm x 14.8cm)
1 x Pink Glitter Pre-cut Paper Band (29.7cm x 2cm)
1 x A4 card in Pearlised Ivory
1 x Extravaganza Navy Envelope (optional)
1 x Printed Insert (optional)
1 x finger lift double sided tape

TIP – If you are printing at home, you will also need to purchase a paper trimmer if you do not already have one.

For me, this invitation was love at first sight.  The pink glitter works so well with the navy and soft ivory.  The invitation wrap creates a sense of style and luxury that is often difficult to achieve in a DIY invitation.
These invitations are fairly easy to make at home.  And if you don’t have a printer, you don’t need to worry……we can print and cut the inserts for you (see below for details).
Don’t like the colour but love the invitation?  No problem…….get in touch and we’ll do our very best to accommodate your colour choice.

If you’re not big on reading instructions, we’ve put together a quick video to show you how it’s done (just press play)……

You’ll also need to download this template…..


We used the following fonts:
Aidan Script & Apple Chancery

So Here Are The Instructions……

DIY laser cut wedding invitation with glitter. Make your own wedding invitations. Navy laser cut invitation with pink glitter.


  1. Add all the item you need in to your basket and wait excitedly for them to arrive (don’t worry….they normally arrive really quickly!!).  If you would like us to print the inserts for you, make sure you purchase the inserts PLUS the printing option for the amount of invitations you require.
  2. Download the Extravaganza with Glitter Invitation Template .  Type your wording in the printable areas.  (We used the following fonts……..Aidan Script and Apple Chancery).  If you’re printing your own inserts, you should now be ready to print, cut and move on to the next step.  (If you are cutting your own inserts, you just need to cut along the lines provided on the template)
    If you have chosen to have your inserts printed by Imagine DIY, save your file and e-mail it to us as as JPEG or PDF document including your order number in the subject header.  We will complete the printing within 5 working days and your full order will be sent to you ready for you to assemble.  Please see the notes below for more information.
  3. Place your glitter paper panel face down on a flat surface.  Place a few lines of double sided tape around the outside edge and across the middle of the panel.  Stick carefully in to place in the inside centre of the laser cut invitation.
  4. Use double sided tape to stick the printed invitation panel on to the centre of the glitter paper, making sure the borders are even.
  5. Set your Glitter paper Band face down on a flat surface.  Place your invitation in the centre of the paper band and fold both ends of the band around to the front centre of the invitation.  Run a finger along the fold lines to keep your band in position.
  6. Place a small amount of double sided tape on each end of the band (where they nearly meet at the centre of the invitation.  Take your printed front tag and press in to place on top of the double sided tape, making sure it sits centrally to the invitation.
    …..and that’s it!!  Sit back ….. your work here is done!!!!  Yay!


DIY laser cut wedding invitation with glitter. Make your own wedding invitations. Navy laser cut invitation with pink glitter.

More Information On The Printed Inserts:

If you’re not confident in printing your own inserts, we thought you’d be delighted to find out that we now offer a printing service for many of our invitations.
If you’ve chosen to pay for us to print your inserts, here is some more information you might need:
(Please note that for Printed Inserts, we need a minimum order quantity of 10)

1 – We will pack your order as soon as we receive it.  However, it will not be sent until we have printed your inserts.  We aim to print and send completed orders within 5 working days of receipt of the wording file.
2 – Once you have downloaded the template for your invitations, you will need to enter your wording.  It is important that you THOROUGHLY check all the details including names, time, date, location etc. are included and correct.  We also recommend that you thoroughly check the spelling, grammar and layout.  Once you are happy with everything, save the file in a PDF or JPEG format.  Please note that we will print the files exactly as they arrive so we are unable to accept responsibility for any errors that you might make in the text.  So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check the document thoroughly before sending it through to us.
3 – E-mail the saved file to us making sure that you include the order number and the word PRINT in the subject header.
4 – Once all this is done, you can sit back and get all excited about being one step closer to your big day……hooray!!!!

* £1.95 Make yourself price includes laser cut invitation, glitter panel, glitter belly band and card for front tag and  invitation

Perfect for Spring, Summer an Winter weddings