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How To Make …… Easy Scroll Invitations

Easy DIY wedding invitation. Make your own Easy Scroll Invitations with ribbon and handmade paper.

Make Easy Scroll Invitations

I got pretty excited when we received our new delivery of handmade papers.  It’s something I’ve wanted to try for a while and it has definitely been worth the wait!
The texture of the paper immediately inspired me to work on these Easy Scroll Invitations.  These gorgeous scrolls couldn’t be easier to make…….If you can tie a bow, you can make these!

By changing the colour of the ribbon, you can easily adapt this style of invitation to coordinate with your special day.  They are quick and easy to make but look absolutely stunning!
Definitely one to try at home!

To get the best results for your Easy Scroll Invitations, use a laser printer to print on  your vellum.  If you have to use an inkjet printer, make sure you leave plenty of drying time to stop the ink from smudging!

So Here Are The Instructions……

Stylish DIY wedding stationery idea. Make your own wedding invitation scrolls


You Will Need:

Hand made paper sheets. Handmade paper. Cotton paper, rag paper, DIY wedding stationery 1 sheet of handmade A4 paper


lace print vellum paper. Translucent paper with lace pattern. DIY wedding stationery., card making and paper craft supplies 1 Sheet of Chantilly Lace Vellum Paper


 22mm rose gold ribbon with sparkle glitter detail. Rose gold ribbon. DIY wedding stationery supplies 1 meter of 22mm Rose Gold Sparkle Ribbon  BUY

You Will Also Need:

Tools_270x250 Paper Trimmer BUY

plus a sharp scissors

Wedding invitation scroll. DIY wedding invitation. Make your own scroll invitations. Handmade paper invitation scroll


  1. Firstly print your wording on to a sheet of A4 Vellum Paper
  2. Secondly use your paper Trimmer to cut your printed vellum to 20cm wide x 29cm high
  3. Place your wording on top of the handmade paper making sure it’s central.
  4. Place your ribbon on a flat surface.
  5. Starting at the bottom of the invitation, roll both sheets together to form a tube shape.  Try and aim to get the tube appx. 4.5cm wide (this doesn’t need to be exact)
  6. Place your scroll on to the middle of the ribbon.  Holding the scroll closed, wrap the two ends of the ribbon towards you until they meet.  Tie a knot in the ribbon.
  7. Lastly you can now tie a neat bow (I like the bunny ears technique).  Once you have tied your bow, trim off the excess ribbon.  As a nice touch, cut an inverted “V” into the end of the ribbon.

It really is as easy as that!

DIY scroll invitations with handmade paper. Easy DIY wedding invitations

Make your own scroll invitations. DIY wedding invitation design guide and products. DIY wedding stationery supplies

It really is a super easy invitation to make.  Why not give it a go?

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