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How to Upcycle Shoes Using A Luxury Dior Bow and Buckle

Upcycled Shoes. Life Hack. How to make old shoes look like designer inspired shoes using luxury dior bow and pearl buckle.

Upcycle your old shoes to create a designer inspired new look

I love designer clothes but unfortunately, I just don’t have a designer budget. I’ve had a pair of tatty velvet sliders in my wardrobe since last summer and keep meaning to do something special with them. I was hit with some inspiration when I’d finished making some luxury Dior Bows for our website. I was really pleased with how the old shoes were transformed into something similar to ones I’ve seen on the catwalk.

So, although this is a DIY wedding stationery website, I thought I’d do a cheeky post showing you an alternative way to use our ribbon and embellishments.

All you need to create something similar is some ribbon, a buckle (or pearl or crystal embellishment), a hot melt glue gun and some self adhesive pearl rows. The products we’ve used for this particular project are:
38mm Vanilla Satin Ribbon
Beatrice Buckle
Hot Melt Glue Gun
2mm Self Adhesive Pearl Rows

Although I’ve upcycled some shoes, with a bit of imagination, you could upcycle almost anything using this technique.

To see how we made the Luxury Dior Bow, watch this video:

To see how we upcycled the shoes, watch this video:

The key to upcycling in this way is choosing your fabrics and embellishments well. But above all else, make sure you use the right adhesive. We highly recommend a hot melt glue gun. It will give you a really strong hold and will last the test of time.

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