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How to Make… Lola Rose Pocket Invitation

Wedding Invitation Wording Guide Lola Rose Pocket Invitation

Lola Rose Pocket Invitation – Pretty floral Invitation for you to make at home

Towards the end of last year, we challenged all the Imagine DIY team to make beautiful things using items from our website, and this Lola rose pocket invitation was one of the results. It was a fun way to pass the time while the office was quiet and created a real spirit of competition and creativity. This design was put together by Alex. She is so creative and imaginative in the way she puts things together. Personally, I instantly fell in love with this one.

This invitation does take a little bit of skill to make (so if you’ve never made anything before in your life, this is probably not the one for you). However, it’s well worth the time and effort.

Although we haven’t included it in the instructions, our DL greetings card boxes would be the perfect finishing touch for this beautiful design.

If you love the invitation but the colours aren’t right for you, why not browse through our gorgeous range of decorative papers to find something that would work with your theme. There’s so much to choose from, I’m sure you’ll find one!

Here’s how to make this invitation yourself:

For each invitation you will need:

1 and 1/5 sheet of Pearlised Mint Green Card  BUY
2/3 sheet of Lola Rose Paper  BUY
1 DL Invitation Pocket  BUY
25cm of Adelia Lace BUY

(Alex used 50cm of Kitty lace in her design but we have since introduced the Adelia lace which works better)

3 Large Ivory Tea Roses  BUY
1 sheet of White Linen Paper  BUY
A length of Light Pink Hemp Cord  BUY

Other things you might need:

Paper Trimmer and scoring blade  BUY
Hot melt glue gun  BUY
Tape Runner  BUY



Print your wording on to a sheet of White Linen Paper and cut down to size (see our printing guide). The finished sizes should be:
Invitation Panel – 7cm wide x 18cm high
Guest Information – 20cm wide x 8.5cm high
(You should be able to fit 2 on a sheet)

Cut a piece of Lola Rose Paper 21cm wide x 9.75cm high. Use your tape runner to stick this on to the front of your pocket (it should go on the part that shows beneath the flap). If you have any over-lapping edges, carefully trim them with a sharp scissors.

Cut another piece of Lola Rose Paper 20.5cm x 9.5cm. Use your tape runner to stick this on to the inside panel of the pocket fold.

Cut a piece of Pearlised Mint Green Card 7.5cm wide x 18.5cm high. Stick this on top of the Lola Rose Paper.

Use your tape runner to stick the invitation wording on top of the pearlised green card.

Cut a piece of Pearlised Green Card 20.5cm x 9cm. Use your tape runner to stick your invitation wording on top of the Green card.
Slot the Guest Information sheet inside the pocket.

Close the invitation.

Cut a piece of pearlised green card 3.5cm wide x 25cm long. Find the middle of the strip of card and hold this against the point of the invitation. Carefully turn the invitation upside down holding the card in place (don’t worry if it moves a little. Once the card is face down and lying on top of the strip of green card, fold both loose ends in towards the back of the card, making sure that they are straight and the edges line up. When you are happy, press them down to form a crease. Remember not to do this too tightly because you will need to be able to slide the band over the card (but you don’t want it so loose that is slides out easily). When you are sure that everything is OK, stick the ends of the card together (with one end on top of the other). For extra security, I like to use the Glue Gun.

Use your tape runner to run a line of tape along the outside edges of the front of the band you just created. Take your Adelia lace, hold it in the middle and starting at the middle of your band, press is carefully into place so that you have an equal border of lace on each side. Once you have stuck the lace to the front, repeat the process on the back of the band. When both ends join, trim off any sur-plus excess, leaving yourself with about 1cm of overlap. Use your glue gun to carefully secure the loose edge. You will only need a tiny amount of glue so be very careful.

Take 3 Large Tea Roses. How’d the three roses together with the middle rose slightly higher than the 2 roses underneath (see the image). Carefully fold the stems back on themselves (roughly in half) so that they form a loop at the bottom.

Unroll some cord from your roll. Leaving about 5cm loose, hold the end of the cord against the stem, just underneath the flowers. Wrap the cord around and around until you reach the bottom and then continue winding until you arrive back underneath the flowers again. None of the stems should now be showing. Cut the cord, leaving yourself about 5cm spare.

Use your loose ends of cord to tie a tight double knot and cut off any excess.

Use your glue gun to stick your tea rose embellishment in to place on the front of your band. It looks really nice if you stick it on an angle (see image).

Cut your Valenciennes Ivory Paper in Half. Use your Sizzix Machine and die to make as many flow-ers as you can fit on to the sheet. I find it useful to line up the edges of the paper with the die and make an initial cut. I then trim off the excess and lay it on to the die to make some extra flowers.

Use your glue gun to stick and layer the flowers on to the card until you are happy with the way they look (It’s often useful to lay them all out before you stick them down and then pick them up and glue them one by one).

Use your glue gun to stick a Boston Pearl Tiny on to the centre of the largest flower.

Peel off various sized self adhesive pearls and stick them in the centre of the remaining flowers. To add a nice finishing touch, scatter a few self adhesive pearls around the flowers (but beware of using too many!)

So now you’re gorgeous invitation is finished!

You can personalise this gorgeous invitation by changing the colours and embellishments you choose.

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