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How to Make… Botanical Wedding Invitations

wedding idea for botanical theme wedding invitation. Bright wedding stationery.

HOW TO MAKE………….Botanical Garden Invitations

We love how this stylish invitation captures the charm and elegance of the Colonial Era. Perfect for destination weddings or bright, botanical themes.

Would you believe that this stylish invitation can be made for less than 60p?

We especially love it because it requires a very low level of skill but creates a really high impact.

If botanical isn’t your thing, this is an easy invitation to customise and make your own. Just change the backing print or colours. We’re sure that you’ll come up with some awesome combinations all of your own. And when you do, please share…….we LOVE seeing what you’ve created using just a little bit of inspiration from us!

how to make diy botanical garden wedding invitation

Here is how to make this botanical garden wedding invitation.


Paper_270x250 1 & 1/4 A4 Card in Matt White BUY
Paper_270x250 1/2 sheet of Tropical Orchid Paper BUY
Paper_270x250 1/4 sheet of A4 card in Garnet BUY

Other Things You Might Need:

 Tools_270x250  Paper Trimmer BUY
 Useful_270x250  Tape Runner or Double Sided Tape BUY



  1. Print your wording onto a sheet of Matt White Card and cut down to size. The finished size should be 13cm wide x 7.5cm high. You should be able to fit 4 wording panels onto each A4 sheet. (We have used the font “Mrs Eaves Petit Caps”)
  2. Cut 2 pieces of Matt White Card 13cm x 18cm. Stick together with double sided tape, making sure that the edges are stick together well. Layering in this way will add strength to your card and create a sense of luxury.
  3. Cut a piece of Tropical Orchid Paper 13cm x 18cm. Stick on top of your Matt White Card.
  4. Cut a piece of Garnet Card 13cm wide x 8.5cm high. Use your double sided tape to stick this across the centre of your card.
  5. Use your double sided tape to stick the wording panel on top of the garnet card.


It’s as simple as that!


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