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How to Make – DIY Vintage Style Wedding Invitations

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Make DIY Vintage Style Wedding Invitations

Who doesn’t love a well themed wedding?  If you’re planning a vintage wedding, why not set the scene right from the start? They not only capture the style and charm of the 1920’s but are also easy to make yourself…totally breathtaking and gorgeous vintage style wedding invitations!
These DIY invitations can be easily changed to fit in with your colour scheme or personal styling.  Just change the colours, ribbon or embellishments to make something unique to you.

So Here Are The Instructions…Vintage style wedding invitations to make yourself. Art deco style wedding ideas.


You Will Need:

1 Corinne Laser Cut Invitation and envelope
in White

appx. 60cm of Anthracite Velvet Ribbon

1 Lillian Embellishment

4 Rows of 2mm Self Adhesive Crystal Rows

1/2 sheet of Pearlised Silver Card

1/2 sheet of Pearlised Black Card

1/2 sheet of Pearlised White A4 

You Will Also Need:

Tools_270x250 Paper Trimmer BUY

Tape Runner BUY
Glue Gun BUY


Vintage style wedding invitations to make yourself. DIY wedding stationery and invitations. Art deco, gatsby, 1920s


  1. Firstly of all print your wording on to a sheet of Pearlised White A4 Paper and cut to size.  The finished size should be appx. 10.5cm x 10.5cm. You should be able to fit 2 panels on to each sheet. (You will need to use a laser printer to print onto pearlised paper. If you don’t have a laser printer, it would be better for you to use a good quality matt white paper instead)
  2. Secondly use your paper Trimmer to cut a piece of Pearlised Silver Card 14.5cm x 14.5cm. Use your tape runner to stick this on to the inside panel of your laser cut card.
  3. Then you cut a piece of Pearlised Black Card 11cm x 11cm. Use your tape runner to stick this on top of your Silver card panel.
  4. Now you need your tape runner again to stick the printed invitation panel on top of the black card.
  5. For the fifth step you need to keep the invitation open and place it face down so that the outside of the card is facing you. Then peel off a row of self adhesive crystals. By starting in one corner, run the crystals along the outside edge of one of the points. As soon as you hit a corner, cut the excess off and use it to outline a different edge  Keep working around the card so that all the pointed flaps are outlined with crystal. You don’t want to lose any crystals, thats why you need to press the crystals firmly in to place.
  6. Now you have reached the sixth step, turn your invitation around so that invitation panel is facing you and close all the flaps. Cut again a section of Velvet Ribbon appx. 32cm long. Hold one end of the ribbon in the front centre of your invitation and then slowly wrap the rest of the ribbon around the invitation until it meets back at the front. Then use the glue gun to secure one end of the ribbon to the other being careful not to spill any glue on to the invitation. You will need to wrap it around tightly enough for it not to fall off whilst also making sure that it is not too tight (because you will need to be able to slide this off to open the invitation.
  7. For the next step cut again a length of Velvet Ribbon appx. 16cm long and use the glue gun to glue one end of the ribbon to the other forming a loop as a result.
  8. Then you arrange your loop so that the join is against a flat surface and sits in the middle of the loop.  Carefully place some glue from the glue gun on to the join and press the top part of the loop on to the glue.  You should now have what looks like a single loop bow (with a loop either side and glued flat in the middle).
  9. Glue your bow in to place at the centre of the ribbon on the front of your card.  Make sure that you cover the joins in the ribbon by gluing these sections over each other.
  10. Lastly use your glue gun to stick the Lillian embellishment on top of it.

It really is as easy as that to make your Vintage Style Wedding Invitations!

Little Tip…if you are making a lot at once, set up your own little production line rather than making them one by one, it will save you a lot of time and effort.


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