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How to Make…Lined Envelopes – Video

How to Make…Lined Envelopes

Watch our video on how to line your own envelopes using these simple steps:


  1. Firstly place your chosen paper face down on a flat surface.
  2. Secondly open up your envelope and place it on top of the chosen paper. Make sure the point of the envelope is near the top of the paper. Take a pencil and draw around the outline of the envelope.
  3. Take your scissors and following the line you have just drawn. Then cut the paper about 1/2 cm smaller at the sides. By the time you have finished, you should end up with a liner shape that is the same shape as your envelope but slightly smaller.
  4. As a next step slide your liner inside the envelope with the chosen paper facing out.
  5. Run now a line of double sided tape around the outside edge of your envelope flap. It should be about 1cm in from the edge. Press your envelope liner on to the tape, making sure that it follows the edge, about 0.5cm in from each side.
  6. Lastly you can fold your envelope closed and press along the crease.


Lined Envelopes by Imagine DIY - make autumn sparkle invitations diy wedding stationery