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How to Make- Memories Guest Book

wedding memories guest book design

Memories Guest Book and Photo Album

We love getting a bit creative.
When Lucy joined our team in April 2015, it was great to see her creative genius at work!
We were really impressed with this memories / guest book that she created using our blank guest books, printed papers and bits and bobs
from our craft box.

I was really sad to see her take it home with her once we’d photographed it. But we hope she’ll be able to fill it with lots of great memories.

To make this quirky memories book you will need:


1 White Guest Book BUY
2/3 sheet Kraft Hearts Paper BUY
1/2 sheet Evelyn Linen paper BUY
1/2 sheet polka pink linen paper BUY
1/12 sheet Polka blue linen paper BUY
1/12 sheet Polka mint green linen paper BUY


Hot Melt Glue Gun BUY
High Tack Double Sided Tape BUY

ALSO – A pack of mixed buttons and a pack of wooden craft scrabble tiles

wedding memories guest book design


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– Firstly use a scissors to cut a small heart shape in the blue and pink polka papers.
– Use a scissors to cut a small circle out of the green polka paper.
– Then stick the pink heart in to place with double sided tape. Stick the blue heart in to place, slightly overlapping the pink heart.
– Stick the green circle in to place so that it slightly overlaps both the pink and blue hearts.
– Use the hot melt glue gun to stick buttons on to the hearts


– Measure the front of your book (I would recommend measuring from the outside edge to the inside crease). Cut a piece of Kraft Hearts Paper 2cm smaller than the measurement. Stick to the front of your book using high tack double sided tape.
– Cut a piece of Evelyn Linen 3cm smaller than the Kraft Hearts Paper. Stick on top using double sided tape.
– Cut a piece of Pink Polka Linen the same size as the Evelyn Linen and cut a large heart shape from it (I find it useful to fold the paper in half before cutting so that the heart comes out symmetrical). Stick in place on top of the Evelyn Linen.
– Lay out your wooden tiles across the heart, making sure they are central. Once you are happy with the position of them, stick in to place one by one using the hot melt glue gun.
– Use your hot melt glue gun to stick all the buttons in to place randomly around the tiles, making sure you roughly follow the shape of the heart.