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Perfect Wedding Fonts – FREE Downloads

15 perfect wedding fonts

Perfect wedding fonts – free downloads for you to use click on image links below:

We have put together a list of our favourite perfect wedding fonts free downloads to use on your wedding invitations. Standard fonts such as ‘times new roman’ or ‘ariel’ doesn’t quite say stylish wedding, or compliment the beautifully crafted invitations and stationery you have been delicately working on.

We have searched the internet for you to locate where these beautiful fonts can be found online. These are available to download for free for personal use ONLY and not to be sold or used for commercial purposes. Just click on the Images below for the link and to be redirected in a new window to the website. Some fonts will already be available on your computers.

Installation couldn’t be easier, just follow the instructions on the website on how to install, a basic run through  is usually quick and easy like this: Download> open downloaded file> double click the document with the A icon> opens new window where you select INSTALL> close all windows. The font will be readily available on your computer! Some instillations may even be simpler.

pretty wedding invitation to make yourself. Idea to make your own floral wedding stationery and invitations

So here are some of our favourite fonts for your DIY wedding invitations:


– Quicker (Demo version is available free)

Quicker Demo


– Great Vibes

Great Vibes


– Century Gothic Light (available on MS Office)

Century Gothic Light


– Mrs Eaves Petit Caps

Mrs Eaves Petit Caps


– Bickham Script Pro

Bickham Script Pro


– Edwardian Script (available on MS Office)

Edwardian Script


– Candlescript



– Herr Von Muellerhoff

Herr Von Muellerhoff


– Signerica Fat

Signerica Fat


– Respective Slanted

Respective Slanted


– Jasmine Reminiscentse

Jasmine Reminiscentse


– Sverige Script

Sverige Script


– Brev Script

Brev Script


– Southern Aire

Southern Aire


– Copperplate Gothic

Copperplate Gothic


– Emily Lime Design

Emily Lime Design


We hope you love these recommended fonts as much as we do, and do let us see how you use them on your own designs.


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