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Sell more with amazing photographs

Sell more with amazing photographs

Sell more with amazing photographs

I wanted to send out a newsletter with a difference. You’ll notice that it’s not often that we promote another company or service. But I’ve got something really special to share with you this time. I recently finished the best course I have ever been on in my life. It was all online and focussed totally on product photography. Let me show you the difference the course has made in just a short space of time and then I’ll tell you more.


Here’s a few of our new Images (since taking the course).  We LOVE them!  Our sales have consistently increased on the products we have rephotographed:



And here’s an idea of what our images were like before the course (eeeek!)  I can’t believe we ever thought these were OK!


Here are 2 of my favourite new photographs:


DIY wedding invitation for vintage style wedding. Floral invitation with cameo and lace details. DIY wedding stationery and invitations

Let me tell you some more about the course…..
I’ll tell you about the special discount we’ve arranged for any of you who would like to sign up.  Then I’m going to give you a little more information that might help you make a decision.



Here’s How:
Enjoy an £80 discount off a standard course ticket and an extra treat in your goodie bag by mentioning IMAGINE DIY when you register for Photocraft!


To claim your exclusive discount + bonus treat:

Photocraft offer Standard tickets for the full e-course and also Module tickets that allow you to spread the cost and complete the e-course in 6 smaller parts/modules. Both routes give you 24 weeks of lessons access to work the course around your business and busy life!


The IMAGINEDIY £80 off promo code is only valid on standard tickets, enter


in the promo code box to reduce the ticket price before registering.


Also enter IMAGINEDIY in the ‘Where did you hear about us?’ box on the registration page and whether you get a Module or Standard ticket, you will enjoy an extra goodie bag treat on us!

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What Made Me Decide to Do It?

At the end of last year, I spent an amazing weekend at Kirsty Allsops Handmade Fair in Hampton Court, London.  One of the seminars I attended was all about Product Photography.  It was run by a photographer called Lyndesy James.  During the workshop, she presented 10 tips to help us all take better photographs.  At the end of the seminar, she told us all about the Photocraft online course for product photography.  At that point, I had taken careful notes but had no intention of signing up for a course…..I really did think that I was OK at taking photographs!
When I returned to work, I decided to put Lyndsey’s 10 tips into action.  Not surprisingly, it made an instant difference.  But I still thought I could get by OK.

Many of you will notice that we have just launched a new website.  It was this that gave me the final incentive to take the course.  Our website designer was constantly complaining that the images brought down the quality of the website.  The more I looked, the more I had to agree.  So it was time to take some drastic action.  We either had to pay some serious money to get all our products professionally photographed OR learn how to do it properly ourselves!  With the amount of products on our website and the constant new additions, it seemed sensible to learn how to take proper photographs myself.

It Wasn’t Cheap But Was It Worth It?

If I am going to be honest, the cost of the course did put me off for quite a while.  It took me a lot of time trying to find alternatives but there was nothing that even came close.

I was seriously worried about paying out what seemed like a large amount of money for a course that might or might not make a difference to our business. But I think you can probably tell by the fact I am shouting from the rooftops about this course, I am more than totally happy with it.  I would say that hands down, it has been one of the best investments our business has ever made.  From clicking and shooting and hoping for the best, I am now delighted with almost every photo I take.  I understand how to use all the settings on my camera, research, plan and lay out a shot, use lighting to my advantage, use and create props and lots of other things I never thought I would need to know (but now I’m so glad I do!).  In hindsight, I would say it was a bargin.


What Have Been The Main Benefits?

On a personal level, it’s totally been worth it because I smile every time I see a new set of photos I have taken.  I am excited by photography in a way that I never have been before.

On a business level, I can’t praise it enough.  I have been working through the website category by category, replacing our rubbish old photos.  I can say without any reservation that each time we replace the images in a category, the sales of those items shoot up.  We are now even selling items that we were on the verge of discontinuing because of lack of sales.
And there’s another unexpected advantage!  Since we have started using our new images, we’ve been contacted by Crafting Magazines and Wedding Magazines who want to feature our products and images.  So now, instead of us putting in all the hard work, they are coming to us……who would have thought?
If you’d like to find out more about our experience, please feel free to e-mail us.

(Also, I’m sure that Lyndsey from Photocraft will be more than pleased to help)