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Stamp It – Top Tip – By Imagine DIY

diy wedding Stamp It top tip

TOP TIP – Stamp It – Use Stamps to Make Chic but Cheap Wedding Stationery

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Stamps are such a great way of creating impressive low cost wedding stationery. Although they may cost a bit to buy, you can use the same stamp over and over again. For example, the smaller stamp used on this range is £8.00. The Ink Pad is £6.00. Both of these items you can use hundreds, even thousands of times (as long as you care for them well). Once you’ve paid out on the stamp your only additional cost is card, paper and adhesive. So if we take the Menu as an example, depending on the card you choose, it could cost as little as 20p each! How awesome is that? Give it a try – Stamp It!


Another great thing with Stamps is that you can easily change the colour just by cleaning the stamp off and choosing a different colour ink pad…..simple!


Check out our Design Guide for full instructions on making this gorgeous stamped range!

you and me heart stamp wedding stationery
You and Me Stamp Stationery