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Wrap it Up Wedding Invites Top Tip

Wrap it Up Wedding Invites Top Tip

Wrap it Up Wedding Invites – Get Wrapping!

Our Wrap it Up Wedding Invites top tip demonstrates an easy, practical and low cost way to add a touch of glamour to your wedding invitations.

We are often asked for advice on making easy but effective DIY invitations. One of our top tips for creating cheap but striking invitations is to add a wrap.

Wraps change a plain and simple invitation into something eye-catching and luxurious.

DIY wedding stationery ideas. Make your own wedding invitation wraps with glitter paper.

In the examples shown here, we’ve made an invitation to fit inside a C6 envelope. The actual invitation size is 10.5cm x 14.5cm. This means that you can fit 4 invitations per A4 sheet of card!!

We’ve then made a variety of different wraps from papers available on our website. 1 sheet of A4 paper will also make 4 wraps!!

DIY wedding invitation wraps. Low cost wedding stationery supplies. Cheap wedding invitations to make yourself

The beauty of a wrap is you can choose your own colours and styles and add your own finishing touches to make something that perfectly reflects your personality or the theme of your special day.

Wraps are also a perfect way of keeping any additional information together (e.g RSVP cards and envelope, information sheets, menu’s, directions etc).

So why not have a go? See what amazing designs you can come up with.

For information on how to make this invitation and the wraps used in this article, please visit “How To Make Your Own Wedding Stationery”

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